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We are thrilled to be able to announce Paul Holland (US) as Chair for CopenhagenContext 2017.

Paul is well know and very active within the context-driven software testing community worldwide. Paul is one of four instructors of Rapid Software Testing (RST) course and has an ability to explain "stuff" in a simple way (see example below).




Paul on Skill Based Testing
(Association for Software Testing) here


Read about the CopenhagenContext 2017 - Program Chair here

Read about the CopenhagenContext 2017 - Program Committee here

Checkout CopenhagenContext 2017 - Important Information / Dates

Let’s step it up with context-driven testing

Chair and Program Committee:
Announced: August 15th – 2016

Call For Papers (CFP):
Opens: September 15th – 2016
Deadline: November 15th – 2016

Program and Registration:
Program released: December 15th – 2016
Registration opens: December 15th – 2016
Very Early Bird registration deadline: January 15th – 2017
Early Bird registration deadline: March 15th – 2017
Registration closes: September 15th – 2017


Read about the CopenhagenContext 2017 - Program Chair here

Read about the CopenhagenContext 2017 - Program Committee here

Checkout CopenhagenContext 2017 - Important Information / Dates




World's 1st conference series on Context-Driven Testing is this year held in Vancouver (CA) with PrettyGoodTesting as Platinum Sponsor.

About CAST 2016

  • Theme: Testing: Software Development Catalyst
  • When: August 8th to 10th 2016
  • Where: Vancouver Simon Fraser University Habour Centre, Vancouver (CA)
  • Website
  • 11th CAST conference
  • Organizers "Association for Software Testing (AST)"


From CAST 2016 website:

What makes CAST unique?

  • For testers, by testers
  • We strive to advance and improve the science of software testing
  • We share, discuss, and question
  • Meet industry leaders (authors, bloggers, and personalities)
  • Network with peers, and experts
  • Reasonably priced, high ROI

Who should attend CAST?

  • Software Testers, Practitioners, and Managers
  • Scholars and Researchers
  • Students
  • Developers

The core mission of The Association for Software Testing (AST) and CAST is to help build an active community of software testing scholars, practitioners, and learners who can in turn positively influence and advance the practice of software testing.

CAST is more than a conference, it’s a unique opportunity to learn and discuss not found anywhere else. Each scheduled session is split into two parts. Half of the session is a presentation by a speaker, however the balance of the time is a facilitated “open season”. This open season allows attendees to question, discuss, and test the presentation.

What makes CAST truly unique is the discussions that take place in the hallways, at receptions, during meals, and after hours. For many the true value of CAST is the ability to discuss topics you are interested in with peers, experts, and academics that are leading change in our profession. At CAST you are among friends…let’s confer!


Checkout to get yourself updated on…

  • Theme
  • Dates and Venue
  • Chair and Program Committee
  • Call For Papers (CFP)
  • Program and Registration


Unique Security Testing and Hacking Workshop [STHW]

Team "Testinsane / PrettyGoodTesting" enables this unique workshop to be held in inspiring Tivoli Congress Center, downtown Copenhagen at a ridiculous low price of DKK 2,300 (about EUR 300) - Note however, that seats are LIMITED !!

Read more about this Uniqe workshop, held in Tivoli Congress Center on Februar 27th - 2016.




  • Introduction to the 21st century of the web
  • Let the hacking begin / Introduction to Hacking
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Web Browser Add-on(s)
  • Hacking Demonstrations
  • Exercises for the participants
  • ...and more