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BRAND NEW - Rapid Software Testing Strategy class with Michael Bolton


A BRAND NEW class for those wanting to learn about and/or improve their testing designs and strategies.

In cooperation with Michael Bolton DevelopSense (CA), we are very happy to be able to offer you a unique chance to learn MORE DEEPLY about software testing strategies - based on the Rapid Software Testing (RST) methodology and mindset for testing software expertly and credibly in uncertain conditions and under extreme time pressure.



We got inspired by the daily work with test design and test strategies and not at least the brilliant blog post "Drop the Crutches" and Twitter series about test cases by Michael Bolton.


From the course description

This one-day, hands-on, stand-alone class is for new and experienced testers interested in learning rapid and effective approaches to designing test strategy—the set of ideas that guide your choice of tests. In this class, through discussion and practice, we will discover: 

  • approaches to developing a test strategy by investigating project information, surveying the product, analysing risk, and preparing for deep testing
  • ways to de-emphasize the focus on formalized test cases in favor of testing—evaluating a product by learning about it through exploration and experimentation
  • aspects of informal testing that you practice already, but that you—and your stakeholders—may not have realised were significant
  • tactics for chartering excellent formal testing when it’s actually necessary
  • how to describe and illustrate your strategy and coverage for managers, developers and other stakeholders.


Read more about the BRAND NEW Rapid Software Testing Strategy [RSTS] HERE