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CopenhagenContext 2017 - Keynote Speakers


Strategery: Agile Transitions and the Enterprise TCOE


For the last 20 years, the globally distributed companies have invested in large scale, heavily outsourced, Testing Centers of Excellence – the TCOE. The paradigm shift required to implement agile practices requires different skills, models, and tools which directly contradict the principles… read more HERE


Keith Klain, Tekmark Global Solutions (US)






Implementing Context-Driven Testing Keeps Kicking My Ass
– But I Think I’m Finally Winning!


Life has a funny way of teaching us what we need to know. Lessons are like the theory of reincarnation, they will repeat over and over again until you learn what it is that the universe wants you to know. When I reflect on the last 15 years of my software testing career, the lesson is clearly around transforming testing teams, specifically with implementing Context-Driven Testing (CDT), and I can honestly say, the implementation of CDT keeps kicking my ass… read more HERE


Nancy Kelln, FGL Sports Ltd. (CA)