GGET - Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing

...developed by James Lyndsay (UK)

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About Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing (GGET)

Who will benefit?

This (2d) course is for you, that wants to become a better and more effecient software tester, and learn more about ‘Exploratory Testing’.

What is ‘Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing’?

Two exiting and interactive hands-on days, through which the participants are introduced to many different approaches to ‘Exploratory Testing’ – as wel as active exercises, systematic explorations, models for success and failure, critical approaches, security-attacks etc.

This course includes lots of discussion and exchange of experiences as well as direct and relevant exercises; the participants are challenged in both agile as well as traditional approaches to test and to practice some of the gained skills from the course.

The included discussions will be about different ways of achieving the best result of the explorations, good and bad choices and ways of gathering/coordinating exploration and diagnosing. Some exercises are computerbased, some are physical Workroom Production’s customised ‘blackbox’ mashines and the participants are invited to both download exercises before the course and to bring their own labtop PC’s.

About the trainer - James Lyndsay

Did you happen to know that James @workroomprds have been testing since 1986 and has been training in a high number of hands-on courses around practical (and essential) areas within software testing which are not covered by the certificationbased courses, that he established EuroSTAR's successful TestLab and that he is leading the LEWT (‘The London Exploratory Workshop in Testing’)?

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