PTTE - Python for Testers

...developed by Kristoffer Nordström (SE)


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Python for Testers (PTTE) is...

... a (2d) Intensive Course on how Testers (and others) can benefit from using Python.

Ever faced yourself doing laborious and repetitive work as a tester? Well of course you have.

In our day-to-day work we have to perform manual tasks before, during, and after testing.

Copying files from folders into other folders, possibly spread out on different servers?

Looking for specific text strings in log files, matching those to other text strings and timestamps in other log files.

And let us not get started on generating new and unique test data, manually typing it in.

Day to day work includes some or all of these tasks, and there might be many more that you perform over and over again without you even thinking about it anymore.

Not only does it take time away from us, it is also mind numbingly boring at times, and it is easy to make mistakes when we have long lists of things to do.

But who says it has to be done by you?

In this workshop I will show participants how easy and quick small yet simple and powerful help tools can be written in Python that assist you in your everyday test life.

Participants will of course learn the basic syntax of the programming language, how if/else-statements work, create loops, methods, classes and more.

We will learn how to get started with Python, writing the very first script and tool, and from there we embark on exploring the oh so powerful, but ever so elegantly and easy to use libraries that are included in a Python installation out of the box.

The examples will be easy to follow, but useful for any tester in their day to day work,

and we will have fun as well.

At the end of this course you will have learned about Python and you will have done several programming exercises, that will benefit your future day-to-day work.

About the trainer - Kristoffer Nordström - Senior Test Developer, Northern Test Consulting AB

Kristoffer Nordström is a Test Developer that in his 10 years has worked with technologies such as Telecommunications System, Distributed Compilers, Cloud technology, Smartphone OS development, Embedded systems, and much more. A testing devotee, and a member of the Context-Driven test community who has his own company, consults and teaches the course “Python for testers”.

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