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...RST is developed by James Bach (US) - and Michael Bolton (CA) -

Description - Rapid Software Testing Stratgy (RSTS)

Some people claim that testing is verifying and validating the product against requirements. Job ads for testers often require applicants to have ”experience with creating, maintaining and executing test cases” and in many organizations and projects, test cases are a very big part of the daily life. But are test cases the same as testing? Does testing always depend on test cases? Might an obsession with test cases actually take time away from valuable testing work?

If you’re a member of a team that’s developing a product or service, you’re probably working under time pressure with conflicting information and limited resources.  Managers want to know one thing above all: are there problems in the product that threaten the on-time, successful completion of the project? And they want to know right away.

You don’t have time to waste on premature or excessive or unnecessarily formalized testing.  If you do need formal testing—as you might if you are working in a regulated or safety-critical environment—you’ll need to do excellent informal testing beforehand, quickly, to prepare for it.


What you will learn

This one-day, hands-on, stand-alone class is for new and experienced testers interested in learning rapid and effective approaches to designing test strategy—the set of ideas that guide your choice of tests.

In this class, through discussion and practice, we will discover:

  • Approaches to developing a test strategy by investigating project information, surveying the product, analysing risk, and preparing for deep testing
  • Ways to de-emphasize the focus on formalized test cases in favor of testing—evaluating a product by learning about it through exploration and experimentation
  • Aspects of informal testing that you practice already, but that you—and your stakeholders—may not have realised were significant
  • Tactics for chartering excellent formal testing when it’s actually necessary
  • How to describe and illustrate your strategy and coverage for managers, developers and other stakeholders.


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